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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence on 14th Amendment  CSPAN  October 30, 2018 2:35pm-2:42pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> wrapping up this public hearing reviewing proposed change to sexual harassment policy for federal courts. hearing from the judicial conference which is the policymaking arm for the federal courts. if you missed any of our coverage of this public you you can see it in its and i tired on her website typing judicial conference in the search bar. earlier today vice president pence set the trump administration is reviewing birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment of the constitution. the vice president made this marks at a political event. >> first let's recognize when a crisis on our southern border and while this migrant caravan is coming north has been a source of great concern for millions of americans. i hear it everywhere i go as i travel across the country that
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the truth is that we have more than 1000 people who tend to come into our country illegally every day. president trump from our campaign in 20162 every day since has been calling on the congress and taking action that is available to stem this tide of illegal immigration. one of the things the president articulated on the campaign trail two years ago was that we want to look at in the broadest way possible about come at american law that may be used as a back to to draw people into our country. some of those loopholes are like catch and release. some of those loopholes are in other categories. there are things that human traffickers actually used to entice vulnerable families to make the long and dangerous trip north north of the peninsula often at great risk to themselves, and frankly birthright citizenship is a part of that. what i think the president has
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made clear is that we are looking at action that would reconsider birthright citizenship are we on the what the 14th amendment says. we all cherish the language of the 14th amendment but the supreme court of the united states has never ruled on whether or not the language of the 14th amendment subject to the jurisdiction thereof applied specifically to people in the country illegally and to think the president is looking at executive action. i know caucuses look at legislative action to reconsider that but are brought objective here is we need to fix a broken immigration system. that is being used by people who literally are exploiting vulnerable people, enticing them to make this long journey north to our border in the hopes of coming into our country illegally. illegal. and when you dennis system where people need to not a come in legally and that we have a system that's working for the american people first and that it's working in an orderly way like it did for my grandfather. when he came through ellis
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island when he was 23 from ireland. the system is working today and we got reformat. >> pretty drastic action to do that unilaterally, the president doing it by himself. >> well, i'll leave it to the president to announce whatever actions will take. i know the president yesterday made the decision where to .50 200 to two or southern border. there's only 2000 only 2000 national guard there now. we're going to have the troops there to support border patrol agent as this caravan continues to make its way north but also as the crisis of illegal immigration on our southern border continues. but in terms of changes in law come in terms of the executive action i don't want to get ahead of the president but you can look back at the famous speech in phoenix that he gave about immigration reform and you spoke about us taking on this be should take it on other issues in the way that we can have a debate about having an immigration system in america that is working, , that's workig for the american people first and that includes re-examining
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this whole issue birthright citizenship. >> with just seven days until the midterm elections we have more live debate coverage for you. >> c-span's launch our longest running and will successful cumin to outreach program ever come the c-span bus program has paved the way for grassroots community outreach by engaging students, teachers and citizens in all 50 states. since 1993 the state of the art mobile classroom and production studio has reached into committees promoting our comprehensive television programming.
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c-span educational resources such as in the c-span video library and to highlight cable public service offering. we are grateful to the cable industry for making c-span possible and for allowing us to open our doors to visitors all across the country. >> we have been very fortunate at john adams to have the c-span bus come visit us on multiple occasions, been able to bring variety in there and then expert of a great, great things the c-span bus has to offer. >> they loved it. i almost couldn't get them off the bus. it was a really great experience. they get so much out of it. >> c-span works closely with our cable partners in your community and our best visits and helps foster slog relationship with local educators, media governments in the business and historical communities. >> programs like this enabled us to solidify our position as a community partner and advocate for education and technology. >> over the last 25 years the
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bus has hosted more than a a thousand of its expected with nearly 40,000 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students. all in all we welcome over 1.5 million visitors. today our mission continues with the new high-tech bus providing hands-on interactive experience on the latest public affairs content and resources. watch for us in your community. >> the european parliament passed a resolution last thursday urging member countries to ban the sale of weapons and surveillance technology to saudi arabia. after the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. the resolution also call for an independent investigation into the killing. here is some of the debate from strasbourg france which took place before the vote was held.